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25 Easy Elephant Crochet Patterns that Make Great Gift ideas!

These easy crochet elephant projects make great gifts for baby showers and Christmas! #crochet #elephant

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You’re sure to love these elephant crochet patterns. Whether it’s a baby shower gift or home decor there is something here for everyone!

These easy crochet elephant projects make great gifts for baby showers and Christmas! #crochet #elephant

Elephant Crochet Patterns

Our series of animal crochet patterns is going down a storm so today I’m back with some elephant projects for you!

Whether you want to make a homemade baby shower gift, a toy for a child or some elephant home decor items you’re sure to find something in this list!

Loving these crochet elephant patterns! So many projects and ideas here for baby shower gifts and Christmas! #crochet #elephant #amigurumi

1 | Joe the Elephant Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Joe the Elephant Amigurumi Crochet PatternMeet Joe, isn’t he just the cutest little elephant? He’s about 6 inches tall so he’s the perfect size for carrying around and he wants a friend to build stuff with!

Joe the Elephant Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by DIY Fluffies

2 | Ellie the Elephant Crochet Pattern

Ellie the Elephant Crochet PatternOh my goodness did you ever see such a SWEET elephant! Just look at that super long trunk and those little pink inner ears! She would make a fabulous baby shower gift that’s for sure!

Ellie the Elephant Crochet Pattern by Sweet Oddity Art

3 | Elephant Nursery Rug Crochet Pattern

Elephant Nursery Rug Crochet PatternSpeaking of baby shower gifts, this amazing rug would also be a good choice, it would look fabulous in any nursery! I love that you can crochet a plain coloured elephant or add some fabulous shades of colour like this one in the picture!

Elephant Nursery Rug Crochet Pattern by IRAROTT Patterns

4 | Berni the Amigurumi Elephant

Berni the Amigurumi ElephantThis is Berni, doesn’t he look super smart in those red dungarees? I love his little hat too!

Berni the Amigurumi Elephant by Diminu

5 | Elephant Lovey Pattern

Elephant Lovey PatternI know y’all love a good lovey crochet pattern so how about this sweet little elephant? Sure to become a baby’s best friend!

Elephant Lovey Pattern by Tikva Patterns

6 | Crochet Elephant Applique Pattern

Crochet Elephant Applique PatternIf you’re always looking for appliques to add to your blankets, hats or scarves then you need to check out this sweet little elephant! The pattern includes the gauge you need for four different sizes.

Crochet Elephant Applique Pattern by The Yarning Company

7 | Crochet Elephant Baby Blanket

Crochet Elephant Baby BlanketI’ve shared quite a few crochet baby blanket patterns recently so when I saw this FABULOUS design with the two elephants and the beautiful rainbow colored edging I knew I had to share it with you!

Crochet Elephant Baby Blanket by IRAROTT Patterns

8 | Martin the Elephant

Martin the ElephantHa! Did you ever see such a cute little elephant, with his little yellow duck pal! This is the perfect elephant toy for my son as his favorite thing is wearing his wellies and playing with water!

Martin the Elephant by Airali

9 | Elephant Crochet Rattle Teether

Elephant Crochet Rattle TeetherOh and here’s another baby shower gift idea… an elephant baby rattle! Those wooden rings make great teethers too.

Elephant Crochet Rattle Teether by Yarn Wave Shop

10 | Decorative Crochet Elephant

Decorative Crochet ElephantYou know elephant crochet patterns aren’t just all about baby shower gifts and kid’s toys right? If you have a grown up elephant lover in your family they will LOVE this gorgeous elephant to stand on their bookcase!

Decorative Crochet Elephant by Crochet Pattern Guru

11 | Faux Taxidermy Elephant Head

Faux Taxidermy Elephant HeadAnd here is another elephant you can crochet as part of your home decor. He is simply STUNNING! I am adding this pattern to my project list for sure!

Faux Taxidermy Elephant Head by Immediate Media Store

12 | Dumbo Inspired Elephant

Dumbo Inspired Elephant Oh how sweet is this! He looks just like Dumbo with the little circus mouse standing on his head!
Dumbo Inspired Elephant by Hand Made Awards

13 | Tiny Good Luck Elephants

Tiny Good Luck ElephantsDid you know that in India elephants are a symbol of good luck and good fortune? These tiny elephants can be turned into keychains, hung up on a nursery mobile or just given to a child as a sweet pocket playmate.
Tiny Good Luck Elephants by Lille Liis

14 | Elephant and Flower

Elephant and FlowerOh my goodness! Did you ever see anything so sweet? I love this little elephant with a daisy wrapped around his trunk, it would be the perfect gift for your mom or a friend who needs to smile!
Elephant and Flower by Happy Crochet Pattern

15 | Josefina and Jeffery Big Amigurumi Elephants

Josefina and Jeffery Big Amigurumi Elephants From tiny elephants we go to HUGE elephants! Oh my! This project would be a labour of love but so worth it don’t you think? I bet you have a child in your life who would love one (or both) of these elephants as playmates!
Josefina and Jeffery Big Amigurumi Elephants by IRAROTT Patterns

16 | Elephant Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Elephant Amigurumi Crochet PatternAnd now let’s go back to small elephants again, this charming little thing has a rather rag doll appearance to her and is crocheted in flat rows to give her this 2D appearance. She’d look adorable as wall art in a nursery!
Elephant Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Spina Yan Studio

17 | Crochet Elephant Pacifier Buddy

Crochet Elephant Pacifier BuddySpeaking of babies, they have a habit of losing their pacifiers… but that they’ll easily be able to find it again when it’s attached to one of these cute little elephants! Since it’s for a baby I think I’d go with stitched eyes just to make sure they’re not a choking hazard!
Crochet Elephant Pacifier Buddy by KNUFL

18 | Ganesha the Indian Elephant Doll

Ganesha the Indian Elephant DollAh here we go, we were just saying that elephants were an Indian good luck symbol and here is a Sri Ganesha doll that you can crochet.
Ganesha the Indian Elephant Doll by Made Krisbel

19 | Lily the Elephant Princess Doll

Lily the Elephant Princess DollOr how about a sweet princess doll for a little girl on your project list? I love her polka dot ears, and that crown is precious!
Lily the Elephant Princess Doll by Jolillie

20 | Smart Gentleman Elephant with a Top Hat

Smart Gentleman Elephant with a Top HatOh and surely that sweet princess would be friends with this rather dashing Master Elephant with his top hat on! He looks ready to go to a ball I think!
Smart Gentleman Elephant with a Top Hat by Little Bear Crochets

21 | Elephant Baby Blanket Pillow

Elephant Baby Blanket PillowAh this looks just like one of those pillow pets! Except this one folds out to be a baby blanket for a crib or a pram. So sweet!
Elephant Baby Blanket Pillow by Crafting Happiness UK

22 | Elephant in a Hot Air Ballon Nursery Decoration

Elephant in a Hot Air Ballon Nursery DecorationSo sweet! If you’re looking for ideas for baby shower gift you can crochet you can’t go wrong with this adorable little elephant in his hot air balloon. You can make one as a nursery decoration to hang from the ceiling, or how about making 5 or 6 in varying sizes and colors and turning them into a crib mobile?
Elephant in a Hot Air Ballon Nursery Decoration by Birds and Crickets

23 | Elephant Baby Hat

Elephant Baby HatI have no words. This is just too adorable! The perfect elephant hat for your baby photo shoot!
Elephant Baby Hat by Jenny and Teddy

24 | Marie and Pierre Elephant Friends

Marie and Pierre Elephant FriendsOh would you just look at these two, all ready for a sightseeing trip in Paris! I love her purse and sweet flowers in her hair, and his beret! So stylish!
Marie and Pierre Elephant Friends by Amigurumi by Guli

25 | Crochet Elephant Teether Necklace

Crochet Elephant teether NecklaceHere’s another baby shower gift idea, with patterns to make a stroller chain, pacifier necklace and rattle all with sweet blue elephants and crochet beads.
Crochet Elephant Teether Necklace by RNata