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11 Fabulous Flamingo Weekly Spread Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

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11 Fabulous Flamingo Weekly Spread Ideas for Your Bullet Journal
If you love flamingos you’re going to want to steal these bullet journal weekly spread ideas. All pink and tropical!

These flamingo weeklies are perfect for my bullet journal!

Flamingo Weekly Spread Ideas

Are you ready for some more bullet journal weekly spread ideas? This week we’ve gone all pink and tropical with some fabulous flamingo ideas to inspire you!

1 | Zero Flocks Given!

Zero Flocks Given!This weekly spread has the day blocks along the top and then space for this week’s tasks, a shopping list and then notes for next week. The painted flamingos are beautiful, and I love how the watercolors have been used to tie in the headings too.

Zero Flocks Given! by @bujo_maniac

2 | Watercolor Flamingo with a Crown

Watercolor Flamingo with a CrownI really like this weekly spread with this gorgeous watercolor flamingo on the left hand side and the days on the right. Having an at a glance monthly calendar is always handy too!

Watercolor Flamingo with a Crown by @bujonelwie

3 | Flamingo Headers

Flamingo HeadersIf you like to draw out a square for each day on your weekly spread try this flamingo design, where each bird is a placeholder for the date. I like the leaves that give the page a tropical vibe!

Flamingo Headers by

4 | Minimalist Flamingo Spread

Minimalist Flamingo SpreadIf you prefer a more minimalist style to your bullet journal layouts try a weekly like this. Simple lined headers and then the gorgeous flamingo in the middle for a splash of color!

Minimalist Flamingo Spread by @northernplanner

5 | Vibrant Weekly with Dashboard

Vibrant Weekly with DashboardOoh I’ve never seen a weekly spread like this before. I love how the side of the page has been cut away to reveal a weekly routine! This is perfect if you have recurring events that happen on specific days so you don’t have to keep writing them out! I really like how the days are circles too.

Vibrant Weekly with Dashboard by @dotsndashs

6 | Weekly Spread with Meal Planner

Weekly Spread with Meal PlannerIf you’re a fan of weekly meal prep this spread would work really well for you. You can plan out your meals on the left and then make your daily notes on the right. And of course add a flamingo in the middle!

Weekly Spread with Meal Planner by @_prettylittledetails_

7 | Flamingo Reflection

Flamingo ReflectionThis spread is just so pretty with that mirror image flamingo reflection in the middle!

Flamingo Reflection by @haysjournal

8 | Illustrated Weekly Spread

Illustrated Weekly SpreadIf you love to draw or paint try a weekly spread like this one. I love how the falling feathers have been used to mark the area for each day’s entries.

Illustrated Weekly Spread by @elara_bullet

9 | Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons

Be a Flamingo in a Flock of PigeonsI think this is my favorite spread from this week’s flamingo weeklies collection! It’s so vibrant and colorful! I like the layout with the entries down the outer edges and the illustration in the middle. The quote is perfect “Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons”, and who can resist a tropical washi tape edge!

Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons by @lafondari

10 | Tropical Weekly Spread

Tropical Weekly SpreadLet your inner flamingo run wild with this fabulous spread! I like the use of hand lettering to create the daily headers and all the tropical leaves.

Tropical Weekly Spread by @notebook_therapy

11 | Pretty Pastel Flamingo Spread

Pretty Pastel Flamingo SpreadAnd here’s an idea for those of you who love pastel layouts! This weekly spread is very light and pretty but still has a tropical feel with the leaves and the flamingo. I really like the geometric triangles too!

Pretty Pastel Flamingo Spread by @marybubele

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