Seashell Crafts for Kids - Preserve Those Summer Memories Forever!

Easy Seashell Crafts for Kids – Preserve Those Summer Memories Forever!

There is just something about spending time on the beach that means you have to come home with pockets full of shells, pebbles and sea glass. This year, instead of sticking them in a jar on the window why not spend some family time together and make some of these easy seashell crafts for kids.

We have everything from lady bugs and wall hangings to mermaid earrings!

Easy Seashell Crafts for Kids: Capture your memories from the beach this summer by turning your shells into wall hangings or mermaid earrings!

Easy Seashell Crafts for Kids

1. Seashell Ornaments

“Crafting with items like seashells, sticks and stones is a great way for your children to connect with the natural world that surrounds them. Collecting natural elements for crafting gets you out in the fresh air, and walk through the forest or the on the beach is easier on the wallet than a walk through the craft store! ” – Happy Hooligans

2. Watercolor Seashell Frame {Kid Craft}

“It’s time for another kid craft tutorial and this one is in honor of summer! If you live near a beach – this Watercolor Seashell Frame would be a great {and cheap} keepsake frame to make with the kids. If you don’t live near a beach – no worries. I was able to find some white seashells at my local Walmart for a reasonable price. {found in the aisle with the fake flowers and vases}” – Glued to My Crafts

3. Seashell Ladybug Craft

“This week’s Playful Preschool theme is ladybugs! There are so many ways to learn and play with ladybugs that we decided to make our own manipulatives using what we already had at home. Seashells are the perfect ladybug shape!” – Still Playing School

4. Sea Shell Craft – Simple Salt Dough Pretties

“We tried a very simple recipe for an old-standby–salt dough–and we paired it with our seashell finds to create a really simple, really pretty, quite versatile summertime Sea Shell craft: Simple Sea Shell Salt dough pretties. ” – Teach Mama

5. Beach Memento Wind Chime

“So, with everyone headed to the beach – don’t forget to grab some souvenirs in the form of shells – because “ahoy-matey” there is a kiddo craft in your future! Check out this super cute wind chime V & I made with our beach mementos! ” – Mama Miss

6. How to Make Your Own Seashell Necklace

“If you’re planning a day at the beach anytime soon don’t forget to bring home a pocket full of shells for crafting and making pretty beach style jewelry. There’s nothing that says summer more than wearing a pretty seashell necklace around your neck.” – Kid’s Activities Blog

7. DIY Seashell Earrings

“You go to the beach, you can’t resist those beautiful shells, now what do you do with them? These DIY seashell earrings are so easy to make, easy to make look spectacular, and a great craft for all ages. I mean literally all ages.” – Moms and Crafters

8. Clay and Seashell Craft for Kids

“The kids rolled their ball of clay and squished it down. Then had fun exploring the impressions that the seashells made when pressing them in the clay.” – B-Inspired Mama

9. Shell Painting Creates Beautiful Ocean Art for Kids

“This was definitely a super simple process art experience for the kiddos. As they were caught up what they were doing, an amazing amount of learning managed to “sneak in”!” – Fun a Day

10. Seashell Craft Ideas: Wall Hanging

“We love sea crafts for kids and I’ve been trying to think of some seashell craft ideas that I can do with my toddler, we picked up some seashells and driftwood while we were there and bought them home to make something with later that evening. This is what we came up with!” – Crafts on Sea

11. Summer Art for Kids – Colorful Shell Sculptures

“Oh, boy, did the students have such fun with this art project! As usual, they exceeded my expectations with their creativity. I set lumps of clay on wax paper, along with the children’s shells. Then I let all of them create to their hearts’ content.” – Fun a Day

12. Easy Preschool Craft: Paper Plate Seashell

“This activity is great for preschoolers because it’s simple and allows children to sharpen their fine motor skills.” – Local Fun for Kids

13. Kid Made Seashell Decorations

“Do your kids come home from the beach carrying loads of seashells? I know mine do and to be honest I’m often known to pop a couple in my pocket myself, I normally have no idea what to do with them but I can’t resist pretty things! I had an idea earlier this week about using them to make some kind of seashell decorations and as chance would have it we made these one day and decided to decorate my son’s room in a seaside theme the next day. Room decorations at the ready – boom!” – Crafts on Sea

14. Seashell and Beach Glass Collage

“Last year, we spent a glorious day on the beach, collecting rocks and smooth beach glass. Most of the glass pieces were tiny, and while we had no practical use for them, it was so much fun to spot yet another little gem in the sand. A year later, dreaming of the sea and the summer, we decided to make a seashell and beach glass collage. Out came all of our summer finds!” – Adventure in a Box

15. Sea Shell Puppets

“There’s something wonderfully tactile and calming about sea shells. They invite you to pick them up and play with them which is why I like to try to keep them as natural as they can be when using them in crafts with my children.” – Zing Zing Tree

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Easy Seashell Crafts for Kids