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16 Gorgeous DIY Necklace Crafts for Kids to Make

Whether your kids make these pendants and necklaces for themselves or as gifts for a friend they will have a lot of fun being creative with these projects for sure!

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Jewellery making is a fabulous craft idea for kids because they get to wear the things they’ve made, or gift them to friends. These DIY necklaces are easy to make on a weekend!

Whether your kids make these pendants and necklaces for themselves or as gifts for a friend they will have a lot of fun being creative with these projects for sure!

DIY Necklace Crafts for Kids

Yesterday I shared the most wonderful collection of DIY bracelets that you kids could make, and today we’re sticking with the jewellery theme and rounding up some easy to make DIY necklaces!

Whether your kids make these pendants and necklaces for themselves or as gifts for a friend they will have a lot of fun being creative with these projects for sure.

If they have an entrepreneurial spirit they might be able to make some extra cash selling their wares to their school friends!

1 | DIY Ombre Beaded Necklaces

DIY Ombre Beaded NecklacesWho can say no to a very stylish ombre necklace, especially when it’s one your child can make from scratch and then enjoy wearing or gifting to a loved one!

DIY Ombre Beaded Necklaces by Mama Papa Bubba

2 | Recycled Denim Beaded Necklaces

Recycled Denim Beaded NecklacesI never knew you could make beads from a pair of old denim jeans! So if you have a pair that are past a patch repair you should definitely make some of these necklaces with your kids!

Recycled Denim Beaded Necklaces by Crafts by Amanda

3 | Milk Jug DIY Jewelery

Milk Jug DIY JeweleryAnd while we’re on the topic of recycled crafts go and grab an empty milk jug so your kiddos can make some of these brightly coloured necklaces this weekend!

Milk Jug DIY Jewelery by PBS Parents

4 | DIY Beaded Tassel Necklace

DIY Beaded Tassel NecklaceI love this necklace because it has so many different elements to it. Polymer clay beads that you and your child can make together, and then tassels and pony beads. It looks very glam!

DIY Beaded Tassel Necklace by Thimble and Twig

5 | DIY Fabric Necklaces that Cost Mere Marbles

DIY Fabric Necklaces that Cost Mere MarblesSpeaking of glamorous necklaces, here’s a craft your older children will love to make and wear! It’s perfect for using up your fabric scraps so they’re super cheap to make too!

DIY Fabric Necklaces that Cost Mere Marbles by How Does She

6 | Woodchip Painted Necklaces

Woodchip Painted NecklacesIf you’ve ever stood in the craft store looking at a packet of wood chips and wondering what you could make with them, here is your answer. Painted necklaces!

Woodchip Painted Necklaces by A Girl and a Glue Gun

7 | Nail Polish Washer Necklaces

Nail Polish Washer NecklacesIf you’re looking for a camp project for teens, or just something to while away a wet Sunday afternoon go grab some washers and some nail polish and get to work crafting these gorgeous pendants!

Nail Polish Washer Necklaces by Glue Sticks Blog

8 | DIY Texture Clay Pendants

DIY Texture Clay PendantsWe’ve just seen how to make circle pendants from woodchip, and washers, now you can have a go at making your own with air dry clay!

DIY Texture Clay Pendants by Craft Hawk

9 | Tin Foil Pendants

Tin Foil PendantsOr you could try these pendants which are made from tin foil! I love the stained glass window vibe you get with these, and of course they are practically free to make!

Tin Foil Pendants by Make and Takes

10 | DIY Wooden Jewelery

DIY Wooden JeweleryYou kids will have fun making these wooden pendants, and you can join in too because once these are done you will most definitely want to wear one! If your teen is looking for something they can make and sell this summer I’m sure these would be a hit!

DIY Wooden Jewelery by See That There

11 | Macrame Rock Necklaces

Macrame Rock NecklacesHow fun are these? If your child likes to collect rocks then this is the weekend craft for them to do for sure! A bit of macrame weaving and they can turn their pet rock into wearable jewellery.

Macrame Rock Necklaces by Artful Parent

12 | DIY Washer Necklaces

DIY Washer NecklacesTake your washer pendants to the next level by making string from yarn or swede rope and adding beads.

DIY Washer Necklaces by Small for Big

13 | Personalized Clay Jewellery

Personalized Clay JewelleryHere’s a fabulous idea if your child has a birthday party coming up, monogram necklaces! They’re easy to make and are the perfect personalized party favor. The girls can have their monograms hanging from a necklace and for the boys you can turn them into zipper pulls!

Personalized Clay Jewellery by Fynes Designes

14 | Mini Sand Art Bottle Necklace

Mini Sand Art Bottle NecklaceMy daughter made quite a few sand art bottles last summer but I never thought about doing it on a miniature scale to make necklace pendants!

Mini Sand Art Bottle Necklace by Easy Peasy and Fun

15 | Goodnight Moon Story Telling Necklace

Goodnight Moon Story Telling NecklaceFor this necklace craft meets literacy as each pendant is from the story Goodnight Moon. Your child can retell the story by working their way around the necklace!

Goodnight Moon Story Telling Necklace by The Educator’s Spin on It

16 | Eighties Charm Necklace

Eighties Charm NecklaceWhat a fun idea for a retro eighties charm necklace! You can either buy your own charms to add or check out our collection of DIY charms you can make with your kids!

Eighties Charm Necklace by Mama Miss

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