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24 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Maps You Need to See

Loving these repurposed map projects - so many ways to upcycle your vintage flea market finds into home decor and handmade gifts!

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Road maps, vintage maps, world maps, don’t keep them folded away in a box somewhere, turn them into something amazing! Check out these awesome ways to repurpose maps and be inspired!

Repurposed Map Crafts

How many times do you come across gorgeous vintage maps at flea markets and thrift stores?

If you’ve always wondered what on earth you can do with them you’ll love today’s collection.

I’ve pulled together some super creative repurposed map projects that you can use to upcycle those vintage maps (or modern maps for that matter) into fabulous home decor and handmade gifts.

More upcycling ideas you need to see:

  1. Flea market finds
  2. Armoire makeovers
  3. Bookshelf makeovers

24. Map Monogram

Map Monogram

Found it here >> Francine C

Take a papier mache, or wooden letter, add a map, and you have a fabulous map monogram just perfect for a child’s nursery!

23. Personalized Photo Map

Personalized Photo Map

Found it here >> Cut Craft Create

This is such a FABULOUS idea for an first wedding anniversary gift (you know that’s paper right??)

22. Decoupage Map Chair

Decoupage Map Chair

Found it here >> Roddy and Ginger

Here’s a little inspiration for you. Take a vintage chair and bring it to life with a vintage map!

21. DIY: Map Pendant

DIY: Map Pendant

Found it here >> Paisley Sprouts

This map pendant light is genius!

20. DIY Map Wallpaper

DIY Map Wallpaper

Found it here >> The Inspired Room

If you find a stash of vintage maps that you’d really like to have on display go and ahead and turn them into wallpaper!

19. Map-Wrapped Gifts

Map-Wrapped Gifts

Found it here >> Brittany Powell

This isn’t a craft for one of a kind vintage maps, but if you happen to pick up some cheap road maps they make excellent wrapping paper!

18. Furniture+Decoupage+Maps


Found it here >> Flea Market Trixie

Next time you’re at the flea market or thrift store look out for a gorgeous table that needs a new lease of life, and upcycle it with maps!

17. Upcycled City Map Table Mats (Place Mats !)

Upcycled City Map Table Mats (Place Mats !)

Found it here >> Pillar Box Blue

We LOVE these upcycled place mats and think they would make brilliant housewarming gifts if you used a local city map to make them.

16. Maya Road Chalkboard Globe

Maya Road Chalkboard Globe

Found it here >> Maya Road

What a clever way to upcycle a vintage globe, with your favourite inspirational quote. This would make a fabulous graduation gift idea!

15. Decoupaged Map IKEA Desk

Decoupaged Map IKEA Desk

Found it here >> Finding Home Farms

IKEA hack alert!

14. How to Upcycle a Vintage Suitcase with Maps

How to Upcycle a Vintage Suitcase with Maps

Found it here >> Pillar Box Blue

If you have lots of travel memorabilia why not make yourself one of these fabulous map covered vintage suitcase to store it all in?

13. How to Make a Map Ring

How to Make a Map Ring

Found it here >> Instructables

Here’s a unique gift idea for Valentine’s Day – a ring made from a map!

12. An Amazing Ikea Lamp Hack -Pimp your Rismon Lampshade with Maps

An Amazing Ikea Lamp Hack -Pimp your Rismon Lampshade with Maps

Found it here >> Pillar Box Blue

IKEA hack alert!

11. DIY Map Bunting

DIY Map Bunting

Found it here >> Please Note

How about upcycling an old atlas into some fabulous bunting? This would look really cute in a nursery.

10. Birthplace Map Keychains

Birthplace Map Keychains

Found it here >> Crafts by Amanda

If you need a Father’s Day gift idea for dad try making one of these fabulous birthplace keychains.

9. DIY Map Boxes

DIY Map Boxes

Found it here >> Craft Dictator

Decorated storage boxes can be super expensive to buy, which is why we were excited to see how to upcycle plain wooden boxes with vintage maps.

8. Decoupaged Map Table

Decoupaged Map Table

Found it here >> Girl in the Garage

We love ideas for repurposing furniture around here, and this decoupaged map table is delightful! We love how she decorated the inside of the drawers too.

7. Vintage Map Decoupaged Pots

Vintage Map Decoupaged Pots

Found it here >> 365 Designs

If you’ve got some boring planters that need brightening up try decoupaging them with vintage maps. Pots like these would cost a pretty penny to buy!

6. Altoid Tins+Clear Pebbles = Cool Magnets!

Altoid Tins+Clear Pebbles = Cool Magnets!

Found it here >> Scrapper Girl

We can never get enough of Altoid Tin projects around here, and this one is the prefect way to remember your travels!

5. DIY Jenga Keychain

DIY Jenga Keychain

Found it here >> Sarah Ortega

What a great way to remember your summer road trips by making a map keychain.

4. Decoupaged Magnetic Map Tray

Decoupaged Magnetic Map Tray

Found it here >> Simplicity in the South

These map memo boards are perfect for your kitchen command centre, and they’re magnetic!

3. Make Your Own Map Shoes

Make Your Own Map Shoes

Found it here >> Something Monumental

If your favourite shoes are looking a little faded give them a makeover with a vintage map.

2. Miniature Map Magnets Craft Tutorial

Miniature Map Magnets Craft Tutorial

Found it here >> Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

Next time you see miniature frames on sale grab a handful because you can combine them with your vintage maps to make the most fabulous magnets.

1. Road Map Birdhouses

Road Map Birdhouses

Found it here >> Crafts by Amanda

Give some plain bird houses a makeover by decorating them with a vintage road map. It might even help the birds navigate!