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The 50 Best Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

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Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

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These adorable crocheted stuffed toys are fun to make and collect. Here is a list of the 50 most popular free amigurumi crochet patterns that can be found online.

Best Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

If you’re looking for free amigurumi crochet patterns for your next project you are in for a treat because we’ve been scouring the internet looking for the best cute patterns to share with you.

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Whether you want a pattern for an amigurumi doll, dragon or other stuffed animal you are sure to find the inspiration you need in this list.

In fact, I’d even go so far as to say you’ll find so many cute creatures to make you’ll want to save this collection to your crochet Pinterest board so you can come back to it over and over again!

Free Mouse Amigurumi Pattern

When I started out on my quest to compile a list of the best free amigurumi crochet patterns I discovered that pretty much everyone loves a free mouse amigurumi pattern! Check out these cuties!

Little Kissing Mice

Aww, look at this pair of sweeties having a smooch! They’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day don’t you think? They’re quick and easy to crochet because you work in rounds and stuff as you go, there’s no sewing on to be done on this project! See the pattern over at Lucy Ravenscar.

Princess Mouse Amigurumi Pattern

If you’re looking for a stuffed animal to make for a little girl (or boy) who loves princesses then how about this sweet doll? She stands 11 inches tall from the top of her crown down to her toes. You can get the free PDF pattern from Love Crafts.

Crochet Mouse Free Pattern

This little guy is so stinking cute I had to include put him in this collection! You start with your magic circle to make his nose and then work in the round from there. You will make each of his body parts separately and then sew him together at the end. You can view the pattern in full over at Amigurum.

Christmas Mouse Amigurumi Pattern

This sweet little guy was actually inspired by a Greek children’s book where a little mouse sets out to touch a star! You can find out more about the story and see the free pattern over at Maloon Knits.

Free Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

My son has a stuffed bunny that he carries everywhere with him. I often think that bunnies beat bears when it comes to favorite stuffies because you can carry them around by their ears! If you’re looking for a stuffed animal to make for your own child try one of these cute rabbit amigurumi toys.

Sakura Kimono Bunny Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

This sweet bunny has a traditional kimono with an obi sash around her waist. She is wearing a sakura flower in her hair and has teeny little sandals on her feet. You can read the pattern at Sweet Softies.

Classic Crochet Bunny

Love love love this soft and huggable bunny! She would make the perfect gift for Easter, a birthday or a baby shower! You can use a variety of yarns depending on whether you want a tiny bunny or a large one for snuggling with. Hop on over to One Dog Woof to read the pattern.

Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi Cupcake Pattern

Speaking of birthdays and baby showers, these cute little bunny cupcakes would make wonderful party decorations or even favors to send home with guests! You can see the free pattern at Sweet Softies.

Crochet Bunny in a Dress Free Pattern

This cute little bunny fits in the palm of a hand and can be worked up in an afternoon. She looks so sweet with her little pink dress and tutu making her an ideal stuffed friend for a budding ballerina! You can see the pattern online at Amigurum.

Need more bunnies in your life? Check out our collections of Bunny Crochet Patterns and Easter Bunny Crochet Projects.

Free Owl Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

We just spent the weekend on a Harry Potter movie marathon – I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the first movie was in theatres… which means I read the books even longer ago than that! Anyway, it got me in the mood to search out some cute owl patterns to include in this collection of the best free amigurumi crochet patterns.

Mr Murasaki the Amigurumi Owl

Murasaki means purple in Japanese so it’s a very fitting name for this sleepy little mini owl. He’s so cute! You’ll find the free pattern, as well as an interview with his talented creator, over at Craft Passion.

Free Amigurumi Owl Pattern

Here’s one for the beginners among us. It’s an easy-to-follow pattern and you can choose whatever color you like so it’s a great stash buster. I bet they’d look really cute made with variated yarn too! See the pattern at Little Things Blogged.

Owl Amigurumi Free Pattern

Aww. How cute are these little owls! They’re small enough to be a pocket pal and work up fast enough that you can make a whole army of them to hand out as party favors for a birthday or a baptism! Head over to Akamatra for the step-by-step!

Teeny Amigurumi Owl

If you’re just getting started with ami and you need some practice with the magic ring and basic stitches then this little owl is the perfect project for you! Jump over to the Bunny Studio to see the detailed pattern.

Want more inspiration? We’ve got you covered with a whole collection of cute Owl Crochet Patterns!

Free Sloth Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Did you know that without sloths there would be no avocados, and it takes them 30 days to digest a leaf? Also, they make ridiculously cute stuffed animals which is why I had to include some in this collection of free amigurumi crochet patterns!

Neal the Sloth Crochet Pattern

This little cutie goes by the name of Neal and he wears his heart on his chest, making him a sweet choice for a crochet Valentine’s gift! You can get the free PDF pattern over at Love Crafts.

Mini Sloth Amigurumi Pattern

If you’re looking for a quick project you can’t go wrong with this mini sloth toy. He measures about 7 inches tall when he’s sitting down. You’ll be working in the round and stuffing as you go so make sure you have some stitch markers to hand (like these cute sloth ones!! You can follow along with the pattern to make this little sloth at Grace and Yarn.

Mini Amigurumi Sloth Free Pattern

Lauren Bergstrom loves making teeny tiny crochet animals so much she wrote a book filled with them! Each animal is only about two inches tall so they work up in no time and are perfect for turning into baby crib mobiles or keychains. You can see the free version of the sloth pattern at Underground Crafter.

Little Sloth Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

This pair of little sloths look like they’ll be full of mischief don’t you think? I love the idea of making one in an alpaca yarn for a really fluffy toy sloth! Head over to Lovely Craft for the step-by-step directions.

While you’re here be sure to check out our collection of Sloth Crochet Patterns for more inspiration!

Free Mermaid Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Mermaid dolls provide hours of fun for boys and girls alike. What child wouldn’t want to pretend to live under the sea! I found so many sweet mermaid dolls to include in this collection of free amigurumi crochet patterns. Scroll down to see them all!

Coral and Mariella Mermaid Dolls Pattern

Look at this sweet pair of mermaids! Meet Mariella and her sister Coral – you can tell them apart because Mariella likes to wear her hair down! Hope over to Sweet Softies to find the free pattern.

Scampi Crochet Mermaid Pattern

How sweet is this mermaid crochet doll? She looks so chic in her little sweater that matches her purple hair! You can find the step-by-step directions over at Lovely Craft.

Calypso Crochet Mermaid Amigurumi Free Pattern

Or how about this whimsical mermaid with her curly hair and flowers around her neck? Stop by Lovely Craft for the pattern including a step-by-step photo tutorial to show you how to make her gorgeous hair!

Amigurumi Mermaid Doll

This sweet mermaid doll has a shy little smile and a flower in her hair. Her outfit is a simple pair of shells as a bikini top! Read the full pattern over at Amigurumi.

Looking for even more ideas? I found so many gorgeous projects I couldn’t fit them all in here so I made a collection full of Mermaid Crochet Dolls for you!

Free Amigurumi Crochet Elephant Patterns

I’m not sure how it came to be that the largest land mammal on earth is such a popular choice for stuffed animals for babies and young children. The movie Dumbo maybe? It doesn’t really matter of course because when you scale them down they’re super cute and I found lots of fabulous patterns and projects to share with you!

Free Elephant Amigurumi Twins

I love it when pattern designs show how versatile their crochet patterns can be. These two elephants are subtly different, and not just in the choice of the yarn color. If you look closely you will notice that the boy elephant toy has a mouth, teeny tusks and an upturned trunk, giving him a whole different personality to his sister. Hop on over to Craft Passion to see the detailed step-by-step instructions, with lots of photos so you can make your own set of ami elephant twins!

Chenille Amigurumi Elephant Pattern

Sometimes the choice of yarn can make or break a project, and this snuggly-looking elephant is just crying out to be made in a fuzzy velvet or chenille type yarn. If you use worsted weight yarn you should end up with an elephant that measures about 12 inches from head to toe. You can see the pattern in full over on Loops and Love Crochet.

Cuddle Me Elephant

Our next free elephant pattern is a total sweetie. Just look at her super long trunk and all the crochet flowers in her hair! She is all ready to be the belle of the birthday party or baby shower! Hop on over to Amigurumi Today to follow along with this intermediate-level crochet pattern.

Esther the Amigurumi Elephant Project

I love the sweet ears and the hollowed-out trunk on this amigurumi elephant! It gives him such a personality, and it’s a nice touch to change the yarn color for his feet too. Head over to Jess Huff to see the instructions, plus she has a handy video tutorial showing how to indent the safety eyes into your toy.

Want more inspiration? We’ve got 25 more wonderful projects to inspire you in our Elephant Crochet Patterns collection!

Free Amigurumi Ice Cream Crochet Patterns

Most of us think “stuffed animals” when we think about amigurumi projects, but you can also make great play food with your crochet hook and some yarn… like ice cream cones! I found so many free amigurumi crochet patterns with an ice cream theme to share with you!

Melty the Ice Cream Cone Free Crochet Pattern

Making these ice cream cones are a fun project and they’re so quick and easy to make you could whip them up in an hour or two! Get creative with your yarn color choices to make different flavors and your child can set up their own pretend ice cream parlor! Hop over to Spin a Yarn to see the free pattern instructions.

Giant Crochet Ice Cream Cone Pattern

Wow! Look at these GIANT crochet ice cream cones! They’re the perfect gift for someone celebrating a BIG birthday. Or you could use them as birthday party decorations! You can find out how to make them over at Repeat Crafter Me.

Tiny Ice Cream Cone

If you had something a little smaller in mind how about this itty bitty ice cream cone pattern? You could turn it into a keychain or an ice cream for an amigurumi doll! You can find the pattern over at Sweet Softies.

Ice Cream Snowman Crochet Pattern

Or how about this adorable little snowman in a cone! So cute! You could use teeny pom poms for his buttons! I love the idea of making several and stringing them up as a crochet Christmas garland across the mantel too! Hop on over to Amigurumi Today to see the instructions.

Want more projects like these? Check out our Amigurumi Ice Cream Crochet Patterns collection for more inspiration!

Free Amigurumi Dinosaur Crochet Patterns

Are your children big dino fans like mine are? We have all sorts of dinosaur toys and books, and they know all the crazy complicated names! I knew when I put together this collection of the best free amigurumi crochet patterns that I had to include a cute dinosaur pattern (or four) so here they are!

Kevin the Dino Free Crochet Pattern

Meet Kevin the Dino… who looks part Brontosauraus, part Stegosaurus… I’m sure your child could tell you what he is though! He’s super easy to make and you could work him up as a cuddly toy, or add him to a crib mobile. You could even use some bulky yarn and turn him into a fabulous pillow! Head on over to Elisa’s Crochet for the free pattern instructions.

Dino Rattle

If you’re searching for a dinosaur toy to make for a baby shower gift how about this sweet dino rattle? The wooden ring is perfect for tiny hands to hold (or little gums to munch on) and you can include a rattlebox inside so it makes a noise when they shake it. Head over to Hobbii to get the free pattern.

Red Heart Squish-Asauras Crochet Dino Toy

This little dino sure does look squishy, doesn’t he! And he’s the perfect amigurumi dinosaur crochet pattern for beginners because the pattern is nice and easy to follow. There’s even a video tutorial to show you how to assemble all the pieces. Head on over to Yarnspirations to get your free copy of the pattern.

Bernard the Dinosaur Free

Aww, how cute is this little crochet T-rex with his little arms and stripy tail! You can even turn his teeth into fangs to give him a Halloween twist! This dinosaur toy is made with single crochet stitch (sc) and double crochet stitch (dc) on a 4 mm hook (G). You’ll work it up as a continuous piece so there is no joining required. Head over to Love Crafts to get your free PDF of the pattern

There are so many cute dino patterns out there we couldn’t fit them all in… so check out our Dinosaur Crochet Patterns collection for more inspiration!

Free Crochet Patterns for Amigurumi Fairies

Are you looking for an amigurumi project to make for a girl who loves fairies? I found some really sweet free crochet patterns to share with you for amigurumi dolls of all sizes!

The Snowflake Queen Doll Free CAL

Let’s start with this super sweet, pocket-sized amigurumi doll which is quick and easy to crochet. She has a two-layered dress, wings and a crown. Oh, and look at her super long hair that comes all the way down to her tippy toes! You could use some silver yarn like this to make her sparkle! This pattern is super easy to customize so you can make a whole fairy clan using different color yarn and embellishments! Head over to Sweet Softies for the free CAL.

Amigurumi Snow Fairies

Every snowflake queen needs a band of snow fairies right? These little sweeties are a perfect choice. They’d make really cute Christmas decorations too come to think of it! You’ll find the free step-by-step instructions (and tons of pictures) over at Dani and Bel.

Amigurumi Fairy Doll Crochet Pattern

This magical fairy doll is dressed in a sweet flower gown – just look at the detail on her skirt! She has flowers in her hair, and ribbons on her teeny slippers. Your little girl is sure to fall in love with this amigurumi fairy doll! Head over to Amigurumi Today for the full step-by-step instructions.

Melly Teddy Ragdoll Sunbeam Fairy

This sweet fairy queen is a Melly Teddy Ragdoll called Sunbeam. She’s a cross between a lovey blanket and a soft toy making her the perfect choice for a young child. Head on over to M and M Crochet Designs to join the free CAL.

Want more magical projects like these? Check out our collection of Fairy Crochet Patterns for more inspiration!

Amigurumi Dragon Free Crochet Patterns

Are you looking for something mystical? How about a dragon? I found some fabulous free amigurumi dragon patterns to share with you. Oh, and these safety eyes will really bring your dragon to life!

Cuddle Me Dragon

This little guy sure does look cuddly, with his black wings he kinda reminds me of a vampire so he’d be the perfect project for Halloween! Hop on over to Amigurumi Today to see the step-by-step instructions – with pictures!

Orbit the Dragon Free CAL

Or how about this adorable little fellow? I love the effect of the variated yarn which makes him look all scaly! Head over to Projectarian to join the free CAL.

Amigurumi Crochet Dragon Pattern

There is something about this plump little guy that makes me smile every time I look at him. And I LOVE that hypnotic swirl with the bright colors on his tummy, I wonder if it would help little ones to fall asleep… You can see the full pattern and tutorial over at Craft Passion.

Speaking of dragons that might help your kiddos fall asleep, be sure to check out this life-sized baby dragon that any child would want to curl up with…

Tiny Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

And from life-sized dragons let’s jump to a teeny tiny one that you could make in an afternoon. He’s so cute, you could even turn him into a keychain! See the step-by-step at Amigurumi Today.

We found so many adorable dragons we couldn’t fit them all in this amigurumi pattern collection, so we made another one! Check out more crochet dragon patterns here.

Free Octopus Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Did you know that an octopus has four hearts and blue blood? That’s just one of the interesting facts we learned playing Trivial Pursuit this Christmas! I have another reason for including octopuses in this collection of free amigurumi crochet patterns though, and that’s because I wanted to share the preemie octopus pattern with you!

Free Preemie Octopus Amigurumi Pattern

My sweet nephew was given a crochet octopus like this one when he was in the NICU. They’re perfect for preemie babies because they can hold onto the tentacles instead of the tubes, and it reminds them of the umbilical tube. I think they’d be a calming toy for any baby so they make a great baby shower gift idea. Visit LilliLiis for the free pattern.

Amigurumi Octopus Pattern

And because it’s such a great idea I couldn’t resist sharing this pattern with you too. It has a whole different look, though personally, I would switch out the eyes for stitches just in case! Visit Krafty Kait for the step-by-step!

Lifelike Octopus Toy

If you want to crochet a more realistic-looking octopus then you can’t go wrong with this free pattern. You can watch this video tutorial or hop on over to Croby Patterns for the written step-by-step instructions.

Oh and speaking of lifelike octopus patterns be sure to check out this LIFE SIZED octopus crochet project! It’s amazing and our readers can’t get enough of it!

Octopus Cupcakes Crochet Pattern

Of course, your octopus doesn’t really have to look lifelike, does it? I mean you can’t get any cuter than these sweet little friends with cupcake toppings on their heads! It would be a fun thing to turn them into little favors for an ocean-themed birthday party don’t you think? Ooh, you could even string them together to make a garland and use them for decorations! Visit Paint it Colorful for the free pattern.

If you LOVE octopuses (or should that be octopi?) we’ve got you covered with a WHOLE collection filled with octopus crochet patterns!

Free Amigurumi Pig Crochet Patterns

Pigs are my son’s favorite farm animal because they love mud as much as he does! That’s a good enough reason to go and hunt down some free amigurumi crochet patterns right?

Amigurumi Pig CAL

How sweet is this miniature piggy? You can join this free crochet along to make one of your own! Visit: Furls Crochet for the CAL.

6 inch Amigurumi Pig

This cute little pig is 6 inches tall and would make the perfect stuffed toy for little hands to play with. The bow around its neck is a cute touch but skip the bell if you’re going to give it to a child under three to play with. Visit: Amigurum for the pattern.

Perky the Pig

If you’re after a larger stuffed animal take a look at Perky the Pig, he is super cute and even has a curly tail! Visit: Cuddly Stitches Craft for the crochet pattern.

Year of the Pig Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Or for a teeny project that you could make in an afternoon check out this adorable little pig complete with love heart and flowers! Visit: Paint it Colorful to see the free pattern.

If you LOVE pigs we’ve got you covered with a WHOLE collection full of stuffed pig crochet patterns!

Free Seal Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

We just got back from the zoo where we spent some time hanging out in the seal enclosure. Those guys sure are noisy especially when the keepers came in with buckets full of fish! It made me wonder if there were any free amigurumi crochet patterns to show you how to make a seal… and of course there were!

Sammy the Seal

This sweet little seal in his wooly scarf and hat is the perfect amigurumi pattern for the winter months! Visit: Little Muggles to check out the pattern in full.

Salty the Seal

Oh my! If you have ever wondered how to crochet with faux fur yarn this is the free seal amigurumi pattern for you!

Not only are there step-by-step instructions but there is a video tutorial too! Visit: The Loopy Lamb to see the tutorial.

Baby Seal

This sweet little seal will hook up in no time so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a quick and easy crochet pattern. Visit: Stringy Ding Ding for the free amigurumi pattern.

Benny the Seal

Meet Benny, the most laid-back seal you’ll ever find. He looks like he’d love to spend his days sunning on a rock! Visit: Elisa’s Crochet to see the full pattern.